may 13th 2023




Common Kings’ style and music is a collection of inspirations orchestrated into an array of head rocking beats, feel good vibes, and emotional fever. Their crazy, fun-loving attitude compliments Common Kings’ live sound, producing phenomenal pop hits with rock, reggae, and R&B influences. The majority of Common Kings were born in the South Pacific, and raised in Orange County, California.

Blending together island reggae, soul & jazz vibes with heartfelt lyrics, Sammy’s sound is exhilarating & intoxicating. Now based in the US, Sammy has seemingly exploded on the market selling out venues across the west coast & Hawaii.

We are excited to introduce and announce the roots girl herself Eli-Mac to this year’s Mayjah Vibes Music Festival! Eli-Mac is a musical ninja, & singer, and songwriter! Hailing from Haiku, Maui. She is ready to bring that local girl spirit, heart, and Hawaii Vibes to Mayjah Vibes!

Siaosi is a singer-songwriter from Oahu, Hawaii, influenced by R&B and reggae music. He started his career as the lead singer for Hawaii reggae band, Inoa’ole, and later released two solo albums, “Blue Room” and “Everything Is Good”, which included popular singles like “I’m Leavin” and “Everything is Good”. Siaosi’s music combines lover’s rock reggae with Polynesian-inspired harmonies and uplifting lyrics.

Separately they are BigBodyCisco and Westafa, but together they are Western Conference. From touring with the likes of J Boog, Fiji, Common Kings to being the VYBE Creators for many Music Festivals and Concerts.

We want to see you at MAYJAH VIBES!

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