FOU Movement

Preserving Samoan Heritage Communities

The FOU Movement is committed to illuminating the darkness of our past by empowering communities and educating youth against hate. We provide vital resources for those struggling with addiction, individuals in the justice system, and families impacted by systemic issues. Initiated through collective prayer and reflection, our movement acknowledges the regrettable paths we once followed, opting for the streets over education and gangs over faith. Today, as a unified brotherhood, we stand resolved to guide our youth away from similar mistakes, drawing strength from our Samoan heritage of resilience and family values. With a firm commitment to integrity and peace, we seek divine guidance to build safer, stronger communities where every Samoan heart beats as one. Through our focus on recovery, youth outreach, and re-entry programs, the FOU Movement strives to bring hope and positive change to cities, advocating for the well-being of all Samoans.

FOU Movement Socials


Welcoming Spawnbreezie to Mayjah Vibes 2024!

March 5, 2024

Embracing Island Vibes: A Journey through L.A.B’s Music

February 27, 2024